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Community Groups

Relationships, far more than church attendance, is what God uses to grow and mature our faith in Him. One of the best ways we can grow as believers is by joining a Community Group or Wesley Band. The Christian life was never means for us to live alone. Joining a Community Group or Wesley Band is a perfect way to connect with others to pray and explore God’s word together.

Community Groups are available for everyone! A Community Group is a gathering of people who study a book of the Bible or book that facilitates engagement with Scripture. Whether you are looking to be part of a men’s or women’s Bible study, or a Biblical book study, we have got a group for you! Community Groups operate on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Wesley Bands are for those who seek to live in accountability to practice what God’s word teaches us about how we might live like Jesus. Wesley Bands are generally made up of 3-4 same-gendered people who explore a Scripture text and reflect on how one might apply the text to daily life. Wesley Bands also operate on a rolling basis throughout the year--so you can join one at any time.

If you are interested in joining a Community Group or Wesley Band, please reach out to Pastor Allyce at

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