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Children & Youth Ministry

Photo of Youth Pastor Jason Garman

Jason Garman

Youth Group Director

Hicks Youth Fellowship (HYF)

Youth ministry is a huge priority for our church and has been a key piece to our ministry for many years. While there is no, “one size fits all” method to youth ministry, at Hicks we want to have a consistent presence in a teenager's life - surrounding them with as many strong Christian mentors that we can. This can make a huge, long lasting impact on a teen's life. All of our adult volunteers have up to date clearances and are Safe Sanctuary trained.


All youth are unique and come with different understandings/views of Christianity and our job is to help them develop their own faith that will last way beyond high school. Our job is to show love and respect to each kid that walks into our doors, offering room for the Holy Spirit to work in their lives. For more information on our ministry, click the button below.  

Photo of Children's Ministry Director Laura Wallace

Laura Wallace

Children's Ministry Director

Hicks Church Children's Ministry

God loves children and so do we! At Hicks Memorial Methodist Church, children are a big part of our church family, and we are working hard to be sure that our kids grow up knowing Jesus in a personal way. Through our multiple ministries, scripture, and stories of the bible, God's word is brought to life in creative ways. Our dedicated ministry team is gifted at providing a warm and welcoming environment, where kids are loved and free to have fun while learning more about our loving God.


We believe spiritual transformation happens when kids come to know Jesus, rather than just know about Jesus. Our job is to prepare the soil of kids’ hearts so seeds of faith can grow, and a true relationship with Jesus can happen.

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