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Love, ________, and Dating

The fill-in-the-blank is “Sex.” I didn’t put it in the title because I know it would be jarring to read in your church newsletter. But here’s why I’m bringing it up: there is a lot of misinformation about Love, Sex, and Dating today. Most people don’t know and/or understand that there are alternatives to what they have heard and seen and experienced in the culture around them. And many people certainly don’t know and understand what scripture reveals about God’s will on these matters.

Here’s what people think they know about God when it comes to love, sex, and dating – he’s against it. Or, they “know” that some of those real religious people are against it and they are not interested in finding out more. It is true that sometimes Christians have spent a lot more time talking about what they are against than what they are for. But there is so much in the Scripture and so many things that can be said positively on these topics. There is real wisdom to be had if we would make a little effort to understand and apply what our Creator has in mind for us when it comes to love and sexuality and marriage.

It can be difficult to talk about these things in church. I remember some years ago receiving some criticism because I used the word sex in church. I pointed out that it was in the scripture reading for that day, so they should blame St. Paul. Church is the one time and place where we are not getting any information or advertisements about love, sex, and dating. Think about it - church is the one place we are not hearing about these things. And it shows. Church is the place where we really need to hear about these things; hear the wisdom that the church can bring to our lives. I will be doing a month-long sermon series based on Andy Stanley’s book, “Love, Sex, and Dating.” I believe this is such an important topic. I’m a father of two young men. I want and pray for them to make good decisions. Maybe it’s just me. But I don’t think so. I think all of us parents, grandparents, and the community of faith as a whole want better for our people and our larger community.

Here’s how you can help: Because this is so important, bring a friend with you to church this month. Make a special effort to bring your teenage kids and grandkids. Invite your young adult friends who are navigating the journeys of dating, relationships, and love. Invite your adult friends who are on the same journeys. Invite your older adult friends who are still on this journey.

Tim Keller says that Christians will show they are different from world in three main areas: money, power, and sex.

What will take for us to actually be different? Come to worship this month and find out.

In Christ Jesus,


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