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Phase 2:


Start Date, May 31st

Online and in person Worship on Sundays

  • Home Groups of less than 25 persons per gathering

  • Two Services at the Church of up to 50 people each – 8am and 10am

  • No Sunday School Classes in the building

  • Other small groups may resume meeting at their discretion

Church Services

We want to have services in our sanctuary as soon as we can safely do this.  We recognize that many of our folks will not be comfortable going to the home of a person they don’t know.  For others, home gatherings won’t feel like church.  The 8 and 10 times allow for enough time between gatherings for everyone to be safely out from the first service before people begin arriving for the second service.  “High touch” areas such as doors, handrails, and pews will be disinfected after each service.  Multiple entrances will be used to avoid log-jamming at one entrance.  Social distancing practices are in place.   With the exception of persons up front leading the services, we ask that all participants wear masks.


We are being told that group singing increases the risk of virus spread.  Therefore, at least for the time being, our music at both the church services and any home groups will be vocalist and instrument led, but we ask that the gathered congregation not sing. 

Sign up

You are required to sign up to attend a home group or service at the church.  Why?  Simply because this allows us to track our numbers in advance so that we don’t have too many people in one place at one time.  Sign up is easy.  Simply call or email the church office before Sunday and let us know which gathering you wish to attend. 

Who Should Stay Home

This hasn’t changed.  If you are feeling sick, stay home.  If you have underlying medical issues that make you more vulnerable, stay home.  If you are a senior citizen, have conversation with your family around this issue. There may also be other reasons not to attend due to where you work or with whom you live.   We will continue to provide online worship on Sundays for those who cannot attend in person.

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